Looking for an alternative to Picasa?

The Best Alternative to Picasa

It’s no question why people loved Picasa, Google’s simple photo management software. However, with the announcement that Google is ending their desktop photo management software, users are going to be searching for an alternative to Picasa.

There is much more comprehensive photo management software available to you, and it’s just as streamlined and easy to use. Phototheca is a powerful desktop photo organizer that vastly improves upon the management features available in Picasa. With Phototheca you have full control of the navigation and organization of your stunning photo library.

Phototheca has all the great tools you’ve come to love, like Smart Albums, Live Albums, duplicates removal, safe-boxes, Calendar and Timeline. In addition, Phototheca adds an impressive variety of other features like support for RAW and video files, support for iOS devices, instant search, dual monitor view, metadata, share to Web and so much more.

Phototheca has been around for well for five years, so you can trust that we’ll always be providing the latest product support and software improvements. For those who want a desktop based solution, Phototheca stands as the #1 alternative to Google Picasa.

Need a desktop application to move on to from Picasa? Try Phototheca 2 today

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