Timeline is another way to browse the Library from a time point of view.

Timeline has two modes: columns chart and bars chart. Modes are switched with the button on the top-right side of the caption.

Columns Chart

In this mode, Timeline shows a chart with columns that display quantities of photos per specific timeframe. The height of a column reflects the number of photos taken during this timeframe. It’s possible to change the scale of the timeline by zooming in or zooming out with the “+” and “-” buttons.

If we hover the mouse over a column, we’ll see a small preview of the first photo of that timeframe.

Click on a column to load all photos for that timeframe into the central area.

This view can show on a chart how we perform as a photographer and the amount of shots produced.

Bars Chart

This mode is very different from the previous one. The view area consists of small squares or bars. In this mode, Timeline shows Events as laterally spread bars, where their widths match up with locations and durations in time. Every line represents a single Event. If a few Events intersect in time they are rendered as a bar on top of another bar, up to 10 bars (Events) in the same time frame.

With this view, we can see relationships and overlap of Events in time as a chart. Click on a bar or square to load its content into the central area.