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Photolemur vs On1 vs Phototheca

Editing photos is useful for capturing and bringing out the beauty of every shot. Other than removing shadows, color casts, and tweaking brightness, photographers can change the dimension of the picture and reduce the overall size file to increase the publishing speed.

If you’re looking for a one-click editor, check this On1 vs Photolemur comparison. Take a look at the review of these programs to find out which one is better suited to your creative needs.

Photolemur Features and Capabilities

Photolemur is new to the market, so you may not have heard of it. The software allows you to tweak photos automatically and requires little-to-no editing skills. Photolemur is available for any macOS and PC device.


Photolemur is easy to use — uploading one, or a few pictures is all you have to do. The program will automatically process images and apply color corrections. A photographer can see the result of automatic enhancement on a ‘before-after’ slider.

If you want to tweak the adjustment, different sliders help increase or reduce the amount of color correction. Unfortunately, there’s no feature-by-feature to edit a chosen aspect of the picture — shadow, contrast, etc.


Photolemur is not highly advanced function-wise — it doesn’t support layers, color mapping, or curves. The good news is, there’s a Face Enhancement Mode that automatically whitens the subject’s teeth, removes the red-eye, and evens the skin tone.

Photolemur features:

  • Eye enhancer;
  • Skin enhancer;
  • Built-in integrated filters, similar to those used in Instagram;
  • Various exporting options — the platform can upload pictures directly to Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, Twitter, or share them via email with no quality loss.

By the collection of editing features, Photolemur is an average tool that will feel limiting for professional and semi-professional photographers.


Depending on the type of license, you can get a $35 life-time package for a single PC or pay $50 for five-PC access.

On1 Features and Capabilities

Judging by the functionality, On1 stands on-par with advanced photo editing tools like Adobe Lightroom. On the flip side, the platform lacks versatility; the interface of the software is not as intuitive. On1 has a broader range of features, although it comes with a considerably steeper learning curve than that of Photolemur.


Until the tool’s later releases, the interface gave off an amateur vibe. Now, there are separate ‘Display’ panels for browsing through pictures, along with ‘Develop’, ‘Effects’, and ‘Layers’ sliders. The workspace has editing and color correction panels at the left and the right sides, along with a film strip at the bottom of the page.

On1’s desktop interface lacks customization — photographers cannot create workplace presets or rearrange panels.


On1 comes with a wide range of editing and organizing tools — here are the features photographers can benefit from:


  • Map view;
  • Metadata support;
  • Intelligent keywording;
  • Timeline albums help organize pictures by the time in which they were taken.


  • Dual monitor view;
  • Comparing similar shots;
  • Grid and filmstrip view;
  • Multilingual support.


  • Local adjustments;
  • Color balance, weather, and other filter tools;
  • Noise reduction tools;
  • Text editing tools;
  • Cloud storage.


On1 has three pricing plans depending on the scale and complexity of projects photographers work with:

  • Upgrade — $63.99
  • On1 Raw full version — $79.99
  • On1 Plus Pro — $129.99/year.

Which Software Is Better: Photolemur or On1?

With a better understanding of Photolemur and On1 individually, you will make a more informed purchasing decision if you compare both tools. Here’s a comparison chart that will come in handy when drawing a tie in the Photolemur vs On1 debate:

OS and platform supportmacOS, WindowsmacOS, Windows
Mobile supportNoNo
Layer supportNoYes
Asset managementNoYes
Color correctionYesYes
Ease of useHighMedium
Cost$35 — $50$63.99 — $129.99
Data backupNoYes
Export optionsSocial media platforms, EmailHard drive, Link sharing

Why Phototheca is Better Than Photolemur and On1

If you are not happy with the editing and organizing toolkits that Photolemur and On1 offer, consider giving an alternative like Phototheca a try instead. It’s a photo editing tool that is equally rewarding to use both for amateur and professional photographers.

Here are the features of Phototheca that are superior to those of On1 or Photolemur:

  • Available as a FREE version with essential asset management and editing tools;
  • 56 custom filters that automatically tweak the brightness of the image and remove shadows or color casts;
  • Additional editing features: Vignette, Film grain, and more;
  • Dual monitor picture view;
  • Improved data storage safety thanks to password-protected photography folders;
  • Share pictures via social media automatically.

To give an easy-to-use and powerful editing tool a try, download Phototheca. Phototheca makes a difference in photo management as it has all the features photographers need to sort through and fine-tune their shots!

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