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Face recognition to find photos by a face

How facial recognition works?

A human face contains a set of facial features unique to every person. These features (also called facial landmarks) are the locations of the eyes, nose, and mouth and the distances between them.

Phototheca utilizes face recognition technology based on artificial intelligence, which can extract those facial features from a photo and build a unique faceprint of a face. Then Phototheca can compare faceprints of every found face to each other and recognize if faces on different photos belong to the same person.

The Marvel of Detection and Collection

As you import your photos into Phototheca, its robust algorithm scans every image, seeking out the subtle visual cues that indicate the presence of a face. Once identified, a bounding box is drawn around each face, setting the stage for a deeper analysis.

Crafting Personal Faceprints

Here’s where the magic truly happens. Phototheca takes those facial landmarks and measures the precise distances between them, constructing a faceprint unique to each individual. As faces share life’s moments through different lighting, angles, and ages, Phototheca’s AI maintains its accuracy, recognizing those connections that span time and space.

A Symphony of Organization

Imagine having a virtual stack of photos for each person in your life. With Phototheca, this dream becomes a reality. The software intelligently groups all photos of the same person, allowing you to assign names effortlessly. Once named, the magic begins: every photo of that person receives an automatic tag, creating an album of memories that’s as dynamic as it is heartwarming.

Embrace the Future of Photo Management

The beauty of Phototheca’s facial recognition isn’t just in its technology – it’s in the stories it unveils. The joyous reunions, shared laughter, and milestones captured through the lens are seamlessly organized and ready to relive.

Elevate Your Photo Experience: Try Phototheca Today

Are you ready to embark on a journey of rediscovery? Dive into the world of Phototheca and let your memories come alive. With every click and every moment, this software transforms your collection into an emotional timeline of connections. Download Phototheca now and unveil the hidden stories that your photos hold.

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Privacy notice

Phototheca does not upload photos from your PC to a cloud ever. All facial recognition is performed on your PC only. All calculated faceprints reside on a local PC and are never transmitted to cloud or web storage.