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February 2nd, 2020

Meet new Phototheca 2019.15.1.2726 service update.

In this update:
• Facial Recognition feature is improved
• Fixes for high-DPI displays

December 30th, 2019

Phototheca 2019.12 Winter Update is released

In this update:
• Improvements to Face Recognition feature
• Better support for high-DPI displays

November 18th, 2019

Meet new Phototheca 2019.11 major update.

Added in this update:
• Face Recognition feature
• Support for faces metadata standards – XMP MWG and Microsoft Photo
• Support for maker notes metadata
• Better detection of lense models
• Support for Affinity Photo file format
• Support for iPhone media types: selfie, Instagram post, long exposure photo and screenshot
• Streamlined UI and improved look&feel
• Dozens of fixes and optimizations

August 1st, 2019

New Phototheca is released. In this update:
• Added Text writing tool. Add text to photos and bring new meaning to your images. Our text editor comes packed full of fonts, styles, and everything else you’ll need to add text to photos!

June 30th, 2019

We’re happy to announce Phototheca User Guide has finally arrived!

Read all details about Phototheca and learn how to use the program in Phototheca User Guide!

May 2nd, 2019

You’ve been waiting years for this and finally, it’s here!
Phototheca got major version update, meet Phototheca 3.1 Premium with photo editing features!

Phototheca Premium includes 18 sliders to enhance and correct photos, crop tools, and 56 striking photo filters to beautify a photo in a single click. All editing is non-destructive and doesn’t touch original photos ever, you are covered.
Download and check it out here – Phototheca 3.1 Premium

March 8th, 2019

New Phototheca is released. In this update:
• Added new section FOLDERS to the library. This section shows a tree of folders, where all images of a library are located. This section is similar to the Windows Explorer tree with the exception that it shows folders with imported images only, not all folders of local drives and doesn’t create clutter.

February 3rd, 2019

New Phototheca is released. In this update:
• Overall look and feel of Phototheca is improved
• Better support for high-DPI display and Surface tablets
• Better integration with Windows 10
• Share photos to any target on Windows 10
• Feature to share to Facebook is back on Windows 10
• Feature to upload images to Google Photos is fixed
• Send by email feature supports more mail clients: Gmail, Outlook, Win 10 Mail app
• It’s possible to resize images when send by email
• It’s possible to resize images on export
• Instant search can perform a search by a weekday’s name
• Library tree now shows small album covers instead of icons
• It’s possible to assign a cover image for any folder
• Added built-in smart albums for media types(HDR, panorama, portrait, video) that come from iOS devices
• Feature to show badges of media type on HDR and portraits thumbnails
• Better support for latest RAW formats, including Panasonic RW2 format
• Added support for raising HEIC\HEIF formats (new photo formats on Apple devices) on Windows 10
• Read XMP sidecar files of RAW photos to get keywords and descriptions into Phototheca

3 November 2017

New Phototheca is released. In this update:
• You’ve asked years for this and it’s here – feature to rate photos with stars! Set ratings with context menu or hotkeys, make Smart Albums with filtering by ratings, search for photos with specific ratings in the search bar.
• Minor bug fixes and improvements.

17 October 2017

New Phototheca is released. In this update:
• Added support for AVCHD video format (MTS, M2TS file extensions).
• Enabled view of file extensions. A lot of small improvements and fixes.

24 September 2017

New Phototheca is released. In this update:
• Fixed issues with imports from the iPhone.
• Fixed issue when dates of the shoot were misinterpreted on specific images.

18 March 2017

New Phototheca is released. In this update:
• Faster and smoother video import, now from iOS devices also.
• A fresh look for DEVICES section.
• Feature to remove all empty Events and Albums in one click – File->Manage Library.
• Reworked Info panel.
• Remember Timeline scale and position.
• A lot of small improvements and fixes.

12 February 2017

New Phototheca is released. In this update:
• Better visualization for keywords on the information pane.
• Fixed issue when custom applications to edit photos is not displayed in the menu.
• Cut&paste now works with albums.
• Another handy feature is added — to scan the entire library for changes. Use the link “Scan all images for changes” to refresh metadata of files that were processed in another software and pick up the latest changes(keywords, descriptions, EXIF, etc.)

26 January 2017

New Phototheca is released. This is a performance update and it’s unbelievable!
• The performance of many operations on huge libraries(>50,000 images) has been increased significantly. Phototheca becomes more responsive and fast.
• You’ve been asking us for years to release a portable version and finally, it’s delivered! Check this page for details.
• Another handy feature is here — support for multiple libraries! First, use the button “Copy Library…” from “File->Manage Library…” dialog to make a copy of a current library to another folder:

Next, when you want the switch to another library using “Change…” button for a DB path field, point to a location with another library and answer “Switch to Library” when you see this:

12 January 2017

New Phototheca is released.
• An option to exclude specific keywords from search results is added. 

• Keywords fuzzy search feature is added.
• A help button to show an explanation for a search query language is added.

• Context menu item to find all Events and Albums containing clicked photo is added.

13 November 2016

New Phototheca is released.
• Smart Album conditions are extended with a new one to filter by a file’s path.
• Fixed the issue with metadata reading for RAW files.

24 October 2016

New Phototheca is released. It’s amazing!
• Again, you’ve been asking years for this and it comes — video files support in Phototheca! Import movies made by a camera or regular videos from a hard drive, assign tags and keywords, arrange in albums. Even more — the instant search and Smart Albums work with movies the same way as with photos.
• Support for Camera Roll folder on Windows 8 and Windows 10 is added. All shoots that you make with your Windows-based phone or tablet have own place in the Library.

18 October 2016

New Phototheca is released! It’s unbelievable!
We are thrilled to announce that Phototheca got more features to share your lovely photos with Facebook, Google Photos and Twitter! No more manual upload from a browser! Just select an album, an event or several photos, do the click — and Phototheca immediately starts to upload those photos on your behalf. It’s possible to specify privacy settings and the size of uploads. You even can upload RAWs and they got converted to JPEGs on the fly.

11 October 2016

New Phototheca is released! Phototheca goes online!
• The feature to upload photos, Albums and Events to Flickr is added! Now you can easily upload photos, Albums, and Events into new Sets or Photostream under your Flickr account. Just in two clicks! You are able to specify the privacy level and size of uploads as well. Phototheca can perform 2-ways synchronization with Flickr, meaning all your changes made to photos locally or on Flickr appears on the opposite side. And all metadata(EXIF, IPTC, etc.) are preserved on upload as well!
And here is our brand new application in Flick’s App Garden — Phototheca Uploader which accepts calls on their end.

8 October 2016

New Phototheca is released! 
Finally, you’ve been asking years for this and it comes — RAW file formats support! Refer to the article RAW in Phototheca for details.
• Single-page TIFF format support is added.
• Other minor bug fixes and improvements.

3 October 2016

New Phototheca is released! In this version:
• A huge UI redesign has been introduced. The look&feel of the main screen became more slick, sharp and nice.
• Import speed is increased on 20%.
• Other minor bug fixes and improvements.

18 September 2016

New Phototheca is released! In this version:
• Visual quality and appeal of Event’s covers are greatly improved.
• New Welcome screen on the first start.
• Fixed issue with drag&drop to start the import
• Fixed issue with a first start on Windows 10
• Fixed issue with Dual View if open an image inside large Event
• Other minor bug fixes and improvements.

6 September 2016

Lunarship Software Joins Intel® Software Partner Program
Lunarship’s Phototheca app now is optimized for Intel® Skylake platform

— Lunarship Software today announced that it has joined the Intel® Software Partner Program and is offering the Phototheca application specifically optimized for the latest Skylake Intel® Architecture-based Ultrabooks. 
“Since launch, our photo organizing application Phototheca has become a popular app for people around the world,” explained Anton Vasylkivskyi, co-founder of Lunarship Software.
“By joining forces with Intel, we’ve been able to optimize the app for the Skylake Intel® Architecture, very latest one, ensuring that users get an optimized UI and UX on their devices.”

Phototheca app has been validated by Intel®on 2-in-1 Media and 2Screen experience enabling programs, meaning the app can work on modern 2-in-1 devices, laptops, and tablets, and provides
support for a dual monitor view as well.
Read more

2 September 2016

New Phototheca is released! In this version:
• The information panel is totally reworked. It shows more image related details about shoot conditions (ISO, aperture, shutter, exposition bias, focus length).
• New dialog to review all Exif properties of a file is added.
• Smart Albums got nice covers as other albums have, finally.

26 August 2016

New Phototheca is released! In this version:
• Fixed issues with safe-boxes.
• The format of album covers is changed to 3×4.
• Fixed issue with a date range condition in Smart Albums.
• The option is added to make the text size bigger for the left pane and menus.
• The application opens up a full-screen on start-up if it has been closed from a full-screen.
• Library Management dialog is extended with the option to delete all thumbnails of missing files.

14 August 2016

We proudly announce that Phototheca got a major version update to 2.0 and Phototheca is released! In this version:
• Support for 2-in-1 devices on the Windows 10 platform is added. Phototheca can detect switch between clam-shell and slate modes and switch own UI accordingly.
• New touch UI with gestures support to browse across a library, swipe, zoom in and zoom out with fingers.

5 May 2016

New Phototheca is released! In this version:
• Dual display support is added. Now it is possible to use your second screen to show selected photos in full size while browsing a library on the first screen.
• The email feature is added. You are able to email photos right from the application
• Full compatibility with high-DPI display is added. Phototheca respects Windows settings and uses larger fonts and scales UI accordingly when fonts are scaled to 125% or 150%.
• Multiple minor bug fixes and improvements

2 April 2016

New Phototheca is released! In this version:
• This is service release with bug fixes and performance improvements

8 March 2016

New Phototheca is released! In this version:
• Fix for sorting issue inside Smart Albums
• The new feature “Fix Library” is added to Troubleshooting dialog. This let you fix minor issues with Library by yourself.
• Default destination of the installer is changed to the Program Files folder
• Minor bug fixes

13 February 2016

New Phototheca is released! In this version:
• Filtering suggested keywords while you type
• “Export Photos” dialog is improved
• “Import” dialog look is refined with bigger thumbnails
• Minor bug fixes and speed improvements

7 January 2016

New Phototheca is released! New in this version:
• Support for Apple devices. Connected iPhone or iPad appears in the Devices section of a library and it’s possible to import photos directly from a device with a nice import dialog.
• Support for long-long folder names
• Minor bug fixes

16 December 2015

New Phototheca is released!
This is service release with bug fixes

26 July 2015

New Phototheca is released! New in this version:
• Print feature
• Change the list of external applications to edit photos
• Option to do not copy files from removable drives during the import process
• Do not create new events when doing re-import from known locations

28 April 2015

Phototheca is featured in Crestleaf blog as one of the solutions for genealogy enthusiasts all over the world! We are happy our software can help people to organize family photos.

1 March 2015

New Phototheca is released! 
This is service release with bug fixes and speed improvement

12 October 2014

New Phototheca 1.6 is released! 
This is service release with bug fixes and speed improvements

8 June 2014

New Phototheca 1.5 is released! New and changes in this version:
• Support for large Windows fonts on high DPI displays
• Speed improvements to display and scroll hundreds of small thumbnails
• Bug fixes and stability improvements

18 April 2013

New Phototheca 1.4 is released! News and changes in this version:
• Live Album feature is added
• Open and edit photos in an external application
• “Import to Phototheca” item is added to Windows Autoplay dialog when connecting removable drives
• “Import to Phototheca” item is added to Windows Explorer’s context menu
• “DEVICES” section in the Library – let to import photos from memory cards, removable drives, cell phones, cameras, and tablets directly, without copying to a local drive first
• Drag & drop photos from Calendar into Library creates Album
• Highlighting last added item in the Library
• Detects name of graphical adapter and gives a hint of where to find drivers if drivers are not installed
• Bug fixes and speed improvements

1 February 2013

New Phototheca 1.3 is released! New and changes in this version:
• Zoom item is added to the context menu
• Hotkeys to show\hide panels, start a slideshow, create a new item
• Convert multiple Events into Albums
• Albums merge feature is added
• Show list of corrupted and skipped files on import
• Bug fixes and speed improvements

7 December 2012

New Phototheca 1.2 is released! New and changes in this version:
• Bug fixes
• Look & feel speed improvements
• Export photos feature is added: File->Export… menu item
• The feature is added to change the location of the library: File->Manage Library…

19 October 2012

Phototheca 1.0 is released into a public!

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