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Unlock the Power of Phototheca’s Features

Intelligent Imports from Every Corner

Local Drives

Seamlessly import from local drives, USB sticks, cameras, and cell phones. Your files stay untouched, preserving space and original quality.

SD Cards

Effortlessly import from memory cards without creating duplicates. Phototheca recognizes previously imported photos, ensuring a clutter-free drive.

NAS and shares

Import from network shares with the option to copy files as needed. Your home NAS is fully supported for a hassle-free organization.

RAW files

Dive into the world of RAW photography with Phototheca’s support for multiple camera formats, harnessing the advantages of the RAW processing unit.

Video files

Phototheca goes beyond images, supporting various video formats for tagging and description. From .avi to .mp4, manage your videos with ease.


Stay current effortlessly. Phototheca’s auto-update feature keeps track of changes in your imported files, seamlessly integrating updates into the application.

Track folders

Phototheca’s intelligent memory tracks all imported photo locations. As new images emerge, they’re imported automatically, saving time and effort.

Share Your Memories Everywhere


Share your photographic masterpieces on Flickr effortlessly. Upload images, albums, and events into new sets or your photostream. Preserve metadata and privacy settings.

Google Photos

Elevate your sharing game with Google Photos. Connect your account and seamlessly upload selected photos, albums, and events while preserving metadata and privacy preferences.


Experience a seamless batch photo upload to SmugMug. Connect your account and start uploading your visuals in a matter of minutes.


Share your creations on Twitter directly from Phototheca. Tweet with attached photos, manage published tweets, and easily delete them.

Unleash the Power of Tags and Metadata

Captions and Metadata

Phototheca imports vital metadata from EXIF and XMP sections, including descriptions, tags, timestamps, and more. Unlock the potential of instant search and filtering.

Tags and Keywords

Manage, modify, and write keywords on images effortlessly. Changes are stored within IPTC and XMP sections, preserving image integrity.

Photo Descriptions

Elevate your narratives by adding descriptions to images and albums. IPTC and XMP sections store these descriptions, adding depth to your memories.

Fix time-stamps

For photos with incorrect timestamps due to missed camera setup — this feature helps you to do a batch time shift(correction) for multiple images in one go.

Master Your Photo Browsing Experience


Seamlessly search across your library with instant results. Search by titles, descriptions, keywords, album names, and dates for a hassle-free experience.


Immerse yourself in the ultimate photo view. Scroll through your library, grouped by events and albums, with flexible sorting options.


Dive into your memories with different calendar layouts. Scroll through events and albums, and switch between month, year, and all years scales.


Experience your photographic journey through a dynamic timeline. Dive into specific time frames, review image patterns, and navigate directly to any day.

Effortless Photo Organization


Relive the magic of moments with organized events. Phototheca groups shots taken at the same time and place, making memories tangible.


Curate collections without time constraints. Create manual albums to combine shared theme images, regardless of capture dates.

Smart Albums

Automate organization with Smart Albums based on specific conditions. Let Phototheca do the work with saved search queries tailored to your preferences.

Live Albums

Stay up-to-date effortlessly with Live Albums, tracking folders on drives or network shares. Edits from other applications seamlessly integrate.

Immersive Viewing Experiences

Thumbnails size

Customize thumbnail views with a dynamic zoom-in and zoom-out slider. Gain a bird’s-eye overview or a detailed look, all at your fingertips.

Fullscreen mode

Immerse yourself completely with a single click. Enjoy distraction-free viewing, exploring events and albums seamlessly.

Dual monitors setup

Extend your experience with dual-view functionality. Utilize a second display or projector for a constant full-size view of highlighted images.


Run a captivating slideshow with ease. Enjoy basic photo editing options while viewing, and tailor the pace for a relaxed experience.

Beyond the Ordinary with Extra Features

Duplicates removal

Declutter effortlessly with Phototheca’s duplicate detection. Identify and remove duplicates to optimize your library and storage.


Keep sensitive images private with password-protected safes. Secure your personal moments, making them invisible to prying eyes.

Export photos

Seamlessly share and export your library. Send images via various email clients and easily export photos, albums, and events.

Email photos

Send photos by email using various email clients. Phototheca can send pictures via Gmail, Outlook(desktop), Windows 10 Mail app, and a default configured mail client.