Phototheca User Guide

Welcome to Phototheca — the all-in-one solution for digital assets that allows you to organize, manage, and edit your photos and videos.

Phototheca makes it easy for photographers, designers, photo studios, and all other users to create and maintain galleries, organize their photos in albums, keep images in safe-boxes, track pictures in a calendar, organize pictures according to event, maintain a timeline, and share photos on social media.

Organize your moments and memories into refined, transparent categories with complete control. Keywords, metadata, and descriptions are the key to finding the perfect photo when you need it most. Phototheca automatically organizes images that were taken at the same time and places them into events, and you can set automatic search queries to create smart albums based on the details that you’re looking for.

Scroll back in time to relive beautiful memories with the calendar view, all-photos view, or timeline view, which is the perfect way to find the big moments with lots of pictures. Of course, the comprehensive search feature can also help you find what you’re looking for with an immediate view of your complete library.

What does “Phototheca” mean? The word comes from the ancient Greek “φωτός” — light — and “θήκη” — storage, meaning a place to store light, or storage of photos.