Picasa Alternative with Facial Recognition

When Google announced that it wouldn’t support or update Picasa, many subscribers were left wondering what to do. Look at the features from Picasa that you like, and then compare other programs with similar characteristics. After that, view them for additional functions that interest you.

This article will look at the best Picasa alternative.

Features of Picasa

Picasa is a digital photo management program with some basic editing functions. It will import, organize, track, and makes it easy to share your pictures. The app allows you to search in pre-set folders and will also search your whole desktop. Additionally, you can sort images using tags, collections, facial recognition, and even colors.

The basic editing tools include red-eye removal, straightening, cropping, and resizing images, contrast, color enhancement, filters, and even a batch editor function. Picasa uses sliders for adjustment and control of the effect and intensity of different components. It also makes it easy to remove low-quality pictures.

With the Picasa Movie Maker function, slideshows with music are possible. You can also make picture collages, face movies, view photos on a timeline, plus find and group by faces or names. Make a CD or use Picasa’s FTP manager for easy uploading and publishing of HTML galleries to websites.

Picasa will integrate with Google+, allowing users to back up photos automatically. The program includes 1 Gig of private web storage, but the pictures and videos aren’t public unless you choose to share. The software even integrates with Google Map annotator so you can place images on maps.

Features Phototheca Shares With Picasa

Phototheca is a photo organizing software like Picasa. Inspired by macOS, it is designed for Windows and has a user-friendly interface. Phototheca is a photo organizer like Picasa using tags, events, dates, facial recognition, smart searches, folders, plus more to organize, sort, and share pictures and videos. The free version will manage up to 5000 images on your laptop or desktop; after that, you’ll need to purchase the software.

Phototheca includes basic editor software similar to Picasa. It’s easy to address crop, straighten and resize. The program uses slider adjustments for thumbnail size, color correction tools, light, white balance, and other enhancements. It also includes 56 Filters to enhance images. The software supports JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP, and TIFF formats, and permits editing of extensions too. You can even correct date stamps.

As a Picasa desktop alternative, Phototheca also makes slideshows and videos. Use Sort or Event functions to select, or manually select pictures to populate and create presentations. Add text, voice, and soundtracks with ease too. Upload and share with friends, family, or followers on Twitter, Flickr, Facebook, and Google Photos. You can even create shared folders open to family, friends, and coworkers so images can be added or accessed by different users.

Additional features in Phototheca

Import, manage, edit and store pics from virtually any type of device in RAW and JPEG formats. The software supports stills and different video formats and is iOS compatible. Phototheca has enhanced storage and retrieval options, can detect and remove duplicates with ease, and supports dual monitor viewing and touch interface. 

Phototheca will create and populate albums based on selected criteria using the Smart Album feature, or you can do it manually. Import photos and videos from multiple sources and devices. Don’t worry about duplicate pics being added either, Phototheca only imports new images.

Manage and sort occasions and vacation photos easily with “Events” or separate them manually. Build and refine your image library using tags, Events, Folders, Calendar, Timeline, and Live Albums. Plus, restrict access to photos with a password using the Protected Photos attribute, which encrypts the file.


Phototheca is digital image management, storage, and retrieval software. It is the best Google Picasa desktop alternative for Windows. Benefit from the extensive organization and search capabilities that make it easy to sort thousands of images and find the one you want. Import pics from different sources and formats, and share with ease on your favorite social media.

Photo management software with facial recognition
Phototheca Premium Box

Phototheca is the photo organizing software for PC. It gives the way to organize thousands of family photos over decades into a clean and straightforward photo library.

Phototheca can find and remove all duplicates, adjust the date and time of photos, tag photos with keywords, recognize faces, and organize photos into life events. See all Features of the software.