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Phototheca 2020 Fall Update

December 5th, 2020: We are enlightened to announce the new major release of Phototheca – Phototheca 2020 Fall Update!

In this release, the team put all efforts to improve the usability of the software for the daily routines of organizing, managing, and enjoying photo collections and digital memories.


We reworked and improved well-known features and introduced a bunch of new. Phototheca works faster than ever, supports more RAW file formats and camera models, gives new ways to sort and find specific photos within thousands of files.

Changes and New Features

Facial Recognition

  • The Facial Recognition feature was revisited and reworked a lot
  • It is possible to operate with multiple faces at once – assign a name, move out of a stack or delete from the library
  • Precision and performance of recognition and matching functions are improved
  • Quick Filter is added to the corkboard. Type a part of a person’s name to get instant search results and locate a person immediately
  • A person name is being added to the IPTC metadata block when tagging files

Files Import

  • A better experience with import from iPhones and memory cards. Photos appear grouped by the date of the shoot when browsing a smartphone
  • Import Options dialog appears on every import, with a clear explanation of how and where photos will be imported to

Files Formats

  • Better support for HEIC/HEIF format on Windows 7 and Windows 10
  • Faster import of RAW files
  • Support for many new cameras and RAW formats

General Functions

  • More space for keywords when displaying keywords beneath a thumbnail, up to four lines
  • Option to show and hide face boxes, when viewing full-size photos
  • Option to add person names as keywords to files automatically


  • A new option to adjust the date and time of photos is added. The option lets to set the same date and time for a batch of files(instead of shifting the time of every file)

Info Panel

  • The box “Appears in” is added to the panel. This box shows all Events and Albums where a photo appears and let navigate to the Event or Album with a click


  • The Duplicates feature is reworked to provide a more clear and streamlined way to deal with duplicates

Look & feel

  • The general look and feel were optimized for high-DPI displays and tablets, up to 4K resolution

Grab your copy of Phototheca and start organizing the mess of thousands of photos over decades you’ve got