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Phototheca 2020 Release

May 17th, 2020: We are thrilled to announce the new major release of Phototheca – Phototheca 2020 Productivity Pack!

In this release, the team put all efforts to improve the performance and usability of the software for the daily routines of organizing, managing, and enjoying photo collections and digital memories.


Dozens of features were revisited and polished, to create a unique and seamless experience while working with photos in Phototheca. The program moves itself to the background and puts photos, movies, people, and life events into the spotlight.


This release boosts productivity with a set of new tools and brings even more options to sort, view, move, and organize a photo collection than ever before.

Changes and New Features

Multilingual interface

Phototheca becomes international and speaks four languages now: English, German, Italian, and Spanish. More languages to come!

Facial Recognition

  • Improved accuracy of faces detection, with more possible head angles and light conditions
  • Decreased amount of false-positive faces detection
  • Persons are sorted alphabetically on the corkboard
  • There is a hint on a person’s shot of how many possible faces are to be confirmed or rejected
  • Usability of the Faces feature is revisited and improved


  • Added the option to show a capture date and a caption beneath a thumbnail
  • Thumbnails view options page is added to the Settings dialog
  • Info panel view options page is added to the Settings dialog
  • Added the option to show matte around thumbnails
  • Added the option to hide unnecessary sections from the Library pane


  • Added the feature to move selected photos into an Event or Album from any view
  • Added the criteria for Smart Albums to pull out photos that have no Capture Date field in Exif metadata

Work with files

  • Added Batch Files Rename feature


  • Added support for TIFF IPTC metadata – description, caption, and keywords(tags). Phototheca can read, show, search over, and change such metadata
  • Support for Caption metadata field – add, edit, and show captions beneath thumbnails


  • A grouping feature is added. It lets to group thumbnails of any view in seven different ways: by a container(Event or Album), by the folder where a file is, by capture date, by keywords(tags), by rating, by camera model, and by faces
  • Groups can be collapsed and expanded within a view

Filtering and Sorting

  • Added the feature to filter and sort thumbnails in any view. There are five sorting and four filtering options are available. Each view remembers own sorting and filtering settings.


  • The look & feel of the Keywords panel is improved
  • It’s possible to tag photos with new keywords(tags) just from the Info panel
  • It’s possible to filter photos of the current view by a keyword(tag) from the Info panel


  • Remove a folder from the Library
  • Rename a folder on the disk from Phototheca
  • Drag and drop photos into folders within Phototheca
  • Better visualization of network shares, NAS, and local drives in the Folders section


  • Added the page to change the external editors list into the Settings dialog
  • Navigation at Import dialog is improved

Grab your copy of Phototheca and start organizing the mess of thousands of photos over decades into the beauty and streamlined photo Library