Keywords overview

Phototheca provides a rich toolset to work with keywords. The software is able to import keywords, show keywords, add and delete keywords, change keywords, and search in keywords.

Keywords import

Usually, keywords reside inside special parts of JPEG metadata – the XMP and IPTC sections. Phototheca reads keywords from both of them and stores keywords within its own index.

This means that keywords that were added to JPEG photos by any modern software are visible and accessible in Phototheca as well.

View keywords

There are several ways to see keywords in Phototheca:

  • Info panel – this shows keywords in the section “Keywords.” When you are inside an Event or Album, and no photos are selected, the Info panel shows all keywords that belong to all photos in the current view. If one or several photos are selected, Info panel shows the keywords of the selected photos only. See more about Info Panel.
  • Turn on the adorner that shows keywords beneath the thumbnails; see the page Thumbnails.
  • Use the Keywords panel – the most advanced tool for working with keywords, it’s described in the next topic — Keywords Panel