Upload to Twitter

With this feature, you can tweet directly from Phototheca and attach photos to a tweet.

Twitter supports up to four photos attached to a single tweet.

To start tweeting from Phototheca, you have to configure access to a Twitter account first. Follow the next steps to configure the access:

  1. Go to menu Edit→Settings→Accounts→Twitter
  2. Click the “Authenticate” button

3. A browser will start and load a page by Twitter, where it asks if you want to grant the Phototheca app rights to tweet on your behalf. Confirm the request, and Twitter shows you a numeric code on the page. Copy the code and paste it into the text box on the same dialog in Phototheca, then click the “Complete” button.

This action does not grant Phototheca access to your existing tweets on Twitter. Phototheca will not be able to read or modify your tweets.

Once a Twitter account has been configured in Phototheca, you can tweet and attach photos to tweets.

To create a tweet, select up to four photos and click the “Twitter” button on the toolbar. The dialog asking for the text of a tweet appears.

Enter a message, select the desired photo resizing option, and click “Publish.”

A new tweet will be created, and the selected photos are uploaded.