Phototheca is equipped with a powerful search engine. With Search Box, you are able to find photos quickly by almost any criteria.

Phototheca search works either with a plain search string or with a query made with search query language.

Plain string search

Enter a string into the Search Box and hit Enter. Phototheca searches for all photos, Events, and Albums that match the entered string.

The string is being matched to:

  • Name of Event, Album, Folder
  • Filename of a photo
  • Keywords of all photos
  • Descriptions of all photos
  • Year of a photo
  • Day of the week a photo was taken

If you recall the day of the week but not the year or month of particular photos, then just type, for example, Sunday into the Search Box and Phototheca will show you all photos that were shot on Sundays from the entire Library.

Search language

Search language gives you powerful tools to build complex search criteria, including logical operators.

They are:

1.            Search by a single word. For instance, type France and this finds all Events, Albums, Folders and images that have France in the title, description or keywords.

2.            Search by multiple keywords separated with a comma: Family,Vacation,Spring – this finds images that have all three keywords in every image.

It’s possible to use the ! symbol in front of a keyword in order to exclude images with this keyword. For instance, searching Family,!Vacation returns all images that have the keyword Family and not the keyword Vacation.

3.            Search by the year of a photo just type 2019 to get all photos from this year.

4.            Search by day of the week: enter the name of a day of the week – for instance, Sunday – to find all photos that were taken on Sundays.

5.            Fuzzy keywords search: enter several keywords rounded with brackets, like this: [car,explosion,fire]. The results of the search will be photos tagged with CAR, EXPLOSION and FIRE, followed by ones tagged with CAR and EXPLOSION followed by CAR and FIRE, followed by CAR, followed by EXPLOSION, and followed by FIRE.

The search results will be sorted by relevance. It is possible to use the ! symbol in front of a keyword in order to remove that keyword from the results, like this: [car,explosion,!fire]

6.            Rating search: enter asterisks (*) from 1 to 5 to find images with the corresponding ratings. For example: **** returns all images with a rating of 4 stars.

Use symbols > and < to get images with a rating of greater or less than a value, like this:   >** returns all images with a rating greater than 2 stars.

Combine them with brackets [] to join results, like this:   [>*,<*****] returns all images that have a rating greater than 1 star and less than 5 stars.