Protected Area

This feature gives you a way to hide particular photos, Events, Albums and Folders inside password-protected safe-boxes.

This feature can be useful if you need to hide sensitive content from being seen – for example, if a PC with Phototheca can be accessed by other people.

WARNING: When content is protected with this feature, files are not being encrypted on the hard drive and can be accessed with any regular folders-browsing software such as Windows Explorer.

Put items into a safe-box

Select items you want to hide inside a safe-box. These items can be photos, videos, Events, Albums, and Folders. Then, click the “Protect” button on the toolbar.

The dialog appears:

Select either to create a new safe-box or put an item into an existing safe-box.

If you create a new safe-box, specify a password for it.

Click “OK” – the selected items will be moved into the safe-box and disappear from their original locations.

Open and close a safe-box

When Phototheca starts, all safe-boxes are closed by default, and their content is not visible in the Library. To open a safe-box and access its contents, go to the “Protected” section of the Library, find the desired safe-box, and double-click on it with the mouse.

Phototheca asks for a password, and if the entered password is correct, the safe-box is opened and access is granted.

While a safe-box is open, its contents temporarily go back to their original locations. Photos that belong to an opened safe-box are marked with an overlay icon of a safe-box at the bottom-right side of a thumbnail:

This icon means that a photo is protected and temporarily visible until the safe-box it resides in is closed.

To close a safe-box, select a safe-box and click the “Close Safe” button on the top bar.

Move items out from a safe-box

To move photos, Events, or Albums out from a safe-box, follow the next steps:

  1. Get into a safe-box.
  2. Select the content you need to move out.
  3. Click the “Release” button on the toolbar. The content will be moved back to the Library and becomes visible everywhere.

Invisible safe-boxes

Phototheca gives an additional security layer above password-protected safe-boxes. In cases where even the mere presence of safe-boxes in Phototheca could be compromising and unacceptable, there is the option to create an invisible safe-box that will never even appear in the Protected section and will not reveal the fact that something is hidden in Phototheca.

To create an invisible safe-box, select the desired content, click the “Protected” button, select the “new safe” option, provide a name and a password, tick the “Invisible safe” checkmark, and click OK. The new invisible safe-box will be created and will not appear in the “Protected” section.

Access an invisible safe-box

How can you open an invisible safe-box and access its contents? Follow the next steps:

  1. Go to the “Protected” section of the Library.
  2. Click the “Open safe” button having no selected safe-boxes, and the dialog appears:

3. Do not select any safe-box, and just provide the password of the invisible safe-box.
4. Click “OK.”
5. If there are any invisible safe-boxes with a password that matches the provided password, such safe-boxes become visible and remain open until you close them or shut down Phototheca.