What happens when I delete a duplicate or click “Trash All” button in Duplicates dialog?

Is there any limitation on how many images Phototheca can hold totally?

If I have a network drive that contains 1000’s of photos in folders on a network that is populated by many people, is there a way of the program on each machine to constantly being updated by what others put in?

Does Phototheca support XMP editing/filtering?

Can Phototheca read RAW formats or video files?

Can Phototheca help transfer my photos from iPhoto and keep all events, albums, faces, etc. ?

Can I use Phototheca on Mac or iPad?

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What is the difference between Event, Album, Smart Album, and Live Album?

Where are photos placed after import? Does Phototheca create copies or move imported photos? How to get photos back from Phototheca?

Where are the tags(keywords) of photos are stored? Does Phototheca use JPEG metadata, IPTC, or XMP?

Can I share access to the photo library over a home network?

Why is “no file” written on my pictures? What does it mean?