Can I transfer photos from Picasa to Phototheca?

Will I be able to keep photos in Picasa while I try Phototheca?

You easily can transfer photos from Picasa to Phototheca. Basically, to get your photos from Picasa to Phototheca you don’t need to do anything special.

Just run Phototheca, go to menu item File->Import to Library, then browse to the folder with your photos, select one or many folders and press the Import button – that’s it.

Phototheca starts the importing process and after a while, all your photos appear in Phototheca. You’ll be able to keep all photos in Picasa while trying Phototheca, it does not move photos away from Picasa. Phototheca does not interfere with Picasa in no way.

At the same time, Phototheca can recognize and read all photo tags, captions, and faces that you created with Picasa. So you don’t lose your photo organizing work and can continue with Phototheca from where you stopped with Picasa. Also, Phototheca can share your photos to Google Photo, while Picasa can not.

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