How to backup all your photos what are in Phototheca? How to save an album on a disk or to USB flash drive?

To back up all photos that are currently in Phototheca follow next steps:

  • Go to the “Events” section, select either all events or few specific events that you want to backup. Go to menu File->Export Photos…
  • Specify a target location using the “Browse” button
  • Hit the “Export” button to start the export. Phototheca will copy all photos of selected events to the provided location.
  • Repeat the same with Albums — select all albums and folders and do an export.

Now you have a backup of all photos.

To save an album to USB flash drive, use the process described above, and select a needed USB drive as the export target.

There are a couple of options available when exporting photos. You can reduce the size of photos automatically by selecting the maximum size from the dropdown menu. Also, you can set the option to convert RAW files to JPEG files on export.

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