How to find/retrieve/search keywords in Phototheca?

To find photos by keywords in Phototheca – use Keywords panel, to open Keywords panel – click the button with key icon at the left bottom side of the window or use menu “View -> Keywords panel”.

When the panel is opened the first time – it works in edit mode and lets you add new keywords to the photos that are currently inside the central area.

To retrieve all present keywords and search by keywords – click the button with magnifier icon what is located in the title of Keywords panel, on the right side. By clicking this button you switch the panel to search mode.

In search mode, we can see all present keywords of photos that are currently inside the central area and do a search by clicking on single or multiple keywords.

Another way to find photos by a keyword is to use the Search box on the bottom panel. Enter a keyword into the Search box and hit Enter key to get results.

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