How to set Phototheca do not copy files from network drives(shares) and remember locations only?

If you keep your photos on NAS(Network-attached Storage) or on network servers in an organization then you probably don’t need Phototheca to copy files to your local drives but want Phototheca to work with remote files. There is the option that tells Phototheca to do not make local copies of photos if photos are located on network shares.

In order to disable copying files from network shares just go to the menu Edit->Settings->Advanced and make sure check-mark “Do not copy photos from network shares” is turned on.

If for any reason you would need to copy files from network shares or NAS to your local PC, then keep this option off. In such a case, Phototheca will need a folder on a local drive where to copy files into. When such need occurs the first time, Phototheca shows a dialog and asks where to copy files to.

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